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Not Los Flores Canyon again??

Since I received a message from @M2Tiguy in his best Schwarzenegger imitation (he is a natural at that) stating: “WE WILL RIDE HILLS, NO WHINING!!! – YOU CHOOSE!!” – I figured, what the heck, it may as well be my nemesis Los … Continue reading

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Epic tales for epicRides™

epicRides – it is never boring – because all you need to do to get rid of your boredom, shift into a smaller cog and try to keep up the RPM’s and scream when you get to the top. Continue reading

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High Sierra Fall Century

The highlight for me for this trip was the fact that I would ride the Eastern Sierra Fall Century, something that was greatly in doubt when I had my heart attack in June. For me this Century ride was very special, sort of a personal celebration of life ride. Continue reading

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Riding Mt. Baldy when the legs stay at home

I knew going into this ride that it would test me as it throws 6400′ feet of climbing at you on about 35 miles of up (the entire loop is 62 miles). I have not ridden a serious climbing challenge in several months, and my expectation was that I would hurt and be slow, but, I would finish the ride. Continue reading

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Neuvation Wheels make for a happy GTinLA

Another exciting event was the arrival of my new Wheels from Neuvation Cycling. Some of you know that I had my challenges with the stock Shimano wheels ever since I bought April. The Shimano wheels have now close to 11,000 miles on them and the hubs were redone twice, so it is really time for a new wheel set. I can’t believe how light these Neuvation wheels are, to put it into perspective, when I weight the Neuvation rear wheel with tube and tire and cassette it only weight 40 grams more than the Shimano wheel sans anything…wow. Continue reading

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Tomorrow is a big day

Finally – the day I have been waiting for has arrived. Tomorrow I will have a cardiac stress test in a very controlled environment. I really am looking forward to it, because my biggest hope is that the results are good, and that would translate into a significant reductions of medication I am on since my heart attack.
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Trying to make sense of it

I am still confused, because I still don’t understand why I had a heart attack. Yes, I get the part of hereditary heart disease. Yes, my dad had three of them, and the last one he did not survive. But, I started life style changes a long time ago, did yearly physicals, had great cholesterol levels (mid 170’s), no history of high blood pressure, exercise regularly. I ate a pretty decent diet, love my food and wine, and was not too concerned with caloric intake because I knew that I was burning an average of 7500 calories per week just cycling. Continue reading

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