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Getting to know Earl

Thus far 2012 has turned out to be really good for me. I made a career change from restaurant/hotel operations – to restaurant accounting/finance/consulting. Some of the major changes in my life: 8 mile commute rarely a late night weekends … Continue reading

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Epic tales for epicRides™

epicRides – it is never boring – because all you need to do to get rid of your boredom, shift into a smaller cog and try to keep up the RPM’s and scream when you get to the top. Continue reading

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Time for an indoor trainer

Man, it took a long time for me to get to an indoor trainer, and no, this is not going to be an article about which trainer you should buy! (there are tons of good sites which debate the pros … Continue reading

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Direction – moving forward

Anyway, during my ride today I came upon a rider sitting road side with his front wheel in his hands. I slowed and asked the customary “are you OK”. Well, he was not; he had a flat and just recently started riding, this was his first taste of cycling reality, and he had a horrible time trying to get the tire seated. Continue reading

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First AHA ride in the bank

So today, without grand fanfare, trumpets, drums and games I suited up, did my usual pre-ride check routine and went onto my first ride. Continue reading

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Trying to make sense of it

I am still confused, because I still don’t understand why I had a heart attack. Yes, I get the part of hereditary heart disease. Yes, my dad had three of them, and the last one he did not survive. But, I started life style changes a long time ago, did yearly physicals, had great cholesterol levels (mid 170’s), no history of high blood pressure, exercise regularly. I ate a pretty decent diet, love my food and wine, and was not too concerned with caloric intake because I knew that I was burning an average of 7500 calories per week just cycling. Continue reading

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Riding to work and other surprises

Where did the last month go? My last blog entry is over a month old? WOW…talk about changes in life, or is it just being too lazy to sit down an write. Of course there is always something to tell, … Continue reading

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