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Getting to know Earl

Thus far 2012 has turned out to be really good for me. I made a career change from restaurant/hotel operations – to restaurant accounting/finance/consulting. Some of the major changes in my life: 8 mile commute rarely a late night weekends … Continue reading

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Direction – moving forward

Anyway, during my ride today I came upon a rider sitting road side with his front wheel in his hands. I slowed and asked the customary “are you OK”. Well, he was not; he had a flat and just recently started riding, this was his first taste of cycling reality, and he had a horrible time trying to get the tire seated. Continue reading

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Century ride without a plan

Last Sunday was a beautiful day, a rare crystal clear day following Saturday’s rain storm. The air was brisk, but the kind of brisk which makes riding even more enjoyable – think of it as nature’s air cooling system, offsetting … Continue reading

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Slowly coming back and what fun it is

For the month of August I logged about 646 miles and climbed some 34000 feet. My average speed for this distance and elevation shows at 15 mph. Continue reading

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A new route and a bee

It was during the climb up Old Topanga, when a bee found its way inside my wide open zipped jersey and proceeded to sting me right into the arm pit. Now that part wasn’t really fun, but what can you do? HTFU – and ride on. Speaking of bees – if you have not read the story of ‘BikingInLA’, another prolific blogger and very community oriented cyclist, about his encounter with a swarm of thousands of bees, you no longer have an excuse – here is the link! Frightening, is all I can say. So, no, I am not complaining about my bee sting, no Sir! Continue reading

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Fun Saturday coast ride

When I got home I was surprised to see that I rode 40 miles, and I was even more surprised at my average speed, 17.5 mph. For me, that is damn good. Continue reading

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Hill repeats

“One thing I enjoy about cycling is the near-zero tolerance for fakery. You either climb the mountain, or you go back and reach a fitness level that will power you up the mountain. Or you pick a smaller mountain, also known as a “hill.” The point is, you’ve got to start somewhere. It doesn’t really matter where as long as you reach the goal, and you enjoy the journey.” Continue reading

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