Scattante CFR Elite

A great bike if you can live without the brand name
Let mu just say this first: I really like her and named her ‘April’. I purchased my ride in April of ’08 to replace an aging but well used Cannondale T-600.

My 2006 Scattante CFR Elite

Scattante is the store brand of Performance Cycling, which I believe is the previous Super-Go brand. I saw this bike and knew it had my name on it. Really didn’t care that I bought an ’06 model in ’08 because of the incredible discount. This is a full carbon bike, Ultegra groupo with triple crank and 12/27 cassette, Fizike Airwing saddle and Shimano (I changed to Neuvation Wheels in 2010) wheels. Because the bike was an ‘older’ model the store manager was more than willing to negotiate. I was able to get the bike for (are you ready for this???) – $1,200.00 including tax and full fitting.
With the money I saved I bought myself a Garmin Edge 705 and now enjoy the benefit of tracking my routes and progress with this incredible GPS device. A year later I have about 4500 miles on the bike and just love the responsive, yet comfortable ride. The Triple is a dream to shift and comes in really handy for this middle aged rider in the canyons. Quick, responsive, comfortable – two Century rides under my belt – I look forward to many more.
UPDATE: read the one year after review (April 2009)
UPDATE: read the after crash sentiment (July 2009)
UPDATE: read the TWO year after review (April 2010)

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