My Cycling Bucket List

“Some men see things as they are and say ‘why’? Others dream things that never were and say ‘why not’?”
~ George Bernard Shaw

Mt. Haleakala from the Sea to the Crater – Maui, HI
Eastern Sierra Fall Century – Mammoth, CA X Sept. 12, 2009
Complete a century X Sept. 6, 2008
Complete a double century 2010
June Lake over Tioga Pass to Yosemite and back 2010
Breathless Agony – Redlands, CA
Crater Lake – OR
Mt. Evans and Echo Lake – CO
San Francisco to Los Angeles – CA
Riding with friends – anywhere X anytime
The Climb to Kaiser – Clovis, CA

4 Responses to My Cycling Bucket List

  1. TheTricksterNZ says:

    Hello from New Zealand

    Stumbled on your blog while reading the BikeinLA blog (after stumbling there from Bob Mionske’s RoadRights blog).

    Anyway, got a few South Pacific bucketlist suggestions if you ever get down this way:

    K2 – Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

    114.87ml 6,102ft gain/descent

    Starts and finishes at sealevel after riding around the Coromandel Peninsula in 1 day. Basically an exercise going from small bushclad beaches up fairly short but very steep climbs over bushclad hill ranges. The longest climb is about 7.5miles long up to 1,400ft, however the steepest is about 2miles at 11.5% average ending up at about 1200ft. Apart from the 7 catagoriesed climbs its smallish rolling hills for the rest, but is tough challenge.

    Marketed as being ‘like a Tour de France mountain stage, but with beaches’.

    Le Race 60.1ml 4,757ft gain/descent

    Lot harder than it sounds in simple figures as slightly less than 20miles of that is flat and when the weather can vary between being 30deg+ celcius with a Nor-Westerly gale coming straight over the Tasman sea from the Australian deserts to being 3deg celcius with a southerly gale coming straight off Antartica. Starts in Christchurch at sealevel and ends in Akaroa, again at sealevel – after coming down from 2,200ft in about 3.5-4 miles. I got up to about 85k (about 52/53mph) before hitting the brakes going down there. Could have gone faster but there are high speed blind kinks with a wee bit of loose gravel and also a nasty hairpin that comes after one of those highspeed blind kinks.

    Mt Baw Baw – Victoria, Australia

    Only about 80 miles from Melbourne, its probably the toughest climb in the Southern Hemesphere, the overall climb from the lowest point raising just over 3,000ft in 7.5miles, however the main section climbs just under 1,800ft in 3 miles.

    Best place to start from is a town called Noojee about 27miles back down the road. Few good climbs between there and the main climb too, including a solid Cat 2-3 climb about 2 miles out of town to wake you up.

    Of the three this is the only one I haven’t had a chance to do yet. I was there about a month ago, but due to tube/pump issues I wasn’t able to make it up there and only got as far as Noojee.

    I’d definitely suggest having a crack at some of those if you ever get the chance.

    • gtinla says:

      Thank you so much for the detailed ride suggestions – they are so worthy to be on anyones bucket list. Cheers!!!

  2. MErider says:

    If you really want to ride a double century, then I’d highly recommend the Grand Tour Double (LA Wheelmen). It has a high and low option. I’ve ridden both and the high option has two very brutal climbs on it, including Potrero from the ocean side up. But it is absolutely the number one supported double in CA and, really, the easiest (the low option, anyway). If I ride another double century (I’ve ridden 5 so far), it will be GT again. The ES Fall Century is supposed to be spectacular by the way. I always end up riding Lighthouse or the GT Lite and miss it. Nice list you got there, btw. 😉

    • gtinla says:

      Mary, that is great feedback and I will check into the GT for 2010. I definitely will do the Solvang century (I really liked that route). Cheers, G

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