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Change – the only constant in life

etween the new work schedule and the pups I managed to get on the trainer here and there to enjoye a good workout with my epicRide DVD’s and yesterday I got a good 3.5 hour ride in. So, all in all, fast, furious, every changing in a good way on our front – what about you? Continue reading

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Shep – R.I.P. – 12/12/10

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Tough going

It is so difficult when all you can do is watch and support, but essential you are useless in preventing pain. I have had my share of very bad accidents in my life, and I know pain, and I can deal with it. Watching a loved one in constant pain is something different entirely. Of course, after weeks of this there comes the mental fatigue. I think we have done a good job thus far keeping the sanity in check, but stress levels are super high. Continue reading

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High Sierra Fall Century

The highlight for me for this trip was the fact that I would ride the Eastern Sierra Fall Century, something that was greatly in doubt when I had my heart attack in June. For me this Century ride was very special, sort of a personal celebration of life ride. Continue reading

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Trying to make sense of it

I am still confused, because I still don’t understand why I had a heart attack. Yes, I get the part of hereditary heart disease. Yes, my dad had three of them, and the last one he did not survive. But, I started life style changes a long time ago, did yearly physicals, had great cholesterol levels (mid 170’s), no history of high blood pressure, exercise regularly. I ate a pretty decent diet, love my food and wine, and was not too concerned with caloric intake because I knew that I was burning an average of 7500 calories per week just cycling. Continue reading

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When the clock strikes 3:30 am…

The next few weeks will have many more doctor appointments and of course rehab, which starts with short walks and ultimately will get me back on my bike. It will be a while, but it will happen. I can’t thank my wife and the countless people I met in the past 36 hours, they all made a profound difference to me, because of them, I am alive. Continue reading

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383 days of agony

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. ~”Eleanor Roosevelt” Today’s post is a little bit of a departure from my regular blog entries. Although cycling is a … Continue reading

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