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Change – the only constant in life

etween the new work schedule and the pups I managed to get on the trainer here and there to enjoye a good workout with my epicRide DVD’s and yesterday I got a good 3.5 hour ride in. So, all in all, fast, furious, every changing in a good way on our front – what about you? Continue reading

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Shep – R.I.P. – 12/12/10

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Tough going

It is so difficult when all you can do is watch and support, but essential you are useless in preventing pain. I have had my share of very bad accidents in my life, and I know pain, and I can deal with it. Watching a loved one in constant pain is something different entirely. Of course, after weeks of this there comes the mental fatigue. I think we have done a good job thus far keeping the sanity in check, but stress levels are super high. Continue reading

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The best news you can ever get

What I was really waiting for was today; a meeting with my cardiologist to find out the results of my stress test from last week. Well, the day I was waiting for finally arrived. Continue reading

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Tomorrow is a big day

Finally – the day I have been waiting for has arrived. Tomorrow I will have a cardiac stress test in a very controlled environment. I really am looking forward to it, because my biggest hope is that the results are good, and that would translate into a significant reductions of medication I am on since my heart attack.
Continue reading

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Direction – moving forward

Anyway, during my ride today I came upon a rider sitting road side with his front wheel in his hands. I slowed and asked the customary “are you OK”. Well, he was not; he had a flat and just recently started riding, this was his first taste of cycling reality, and he had a horrible time trying to get the tire seated. Continue reading

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Trying to make sense of it

I am still confused, because I still don’t understand why I had a heart attack. Yes, I get the part of hereditary heart disease. Yes, my dad had three of them, and the last one he did not survive. But, I started life style changes a long time ago, did yearly physicals, had great cholesterol levels (mid 170’s), no history of high blood pressure, exercise regularly. I ate a pretty decent diet, love my food and wine, and was not too concerned with caloric intake because I knew that I was burning an average of 7500 calories per week just cycling. Continue reading

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