A tale of the two stooges…

Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men

Following yesterday’s ride a light coffee run ride seemed the best way to go. Kurt a.k.a. @M2Tiguy and I connected last night and the plan was to meet at the bridge in Playa del Rey around 10 am. We agreed that I would contact him when I leave home. Fast forward to this morning. At around 9 am I texted him that I would be leaving in about 10 minutes. We both live about an equal distance to the bridge, Kurt is South of and I am to the North.

I rolled out on time and started out with easy spinning, trying to get my legs to cooperate, and after a mile or so it felt better. My butt however was not so happy today – amazing what a year absence does to your body. The weather was gorgeous (but chilly) and I am glad I put knee- and arm warmers on. Riding with long finger gloves also added to the comfort. About halfway to the bridge I ran into a group of Southbay Wheelmen riders at a stop light and asked them if I could jump on. None of them had a problem and I got a very nice pull all the way to my destination. We waved good bye and I thanked them, when I hear my phone ring.

The "bridge" in Playa del Rey

I couldn’t fumble my phone out quick enough and was left listening to a message: “hey, I just saw your text, I’ll leave right away……!” I returned the call to voice mail stating that I would continue South and that I will stay on the bike path, so not to miss each other.

About 7 minutes later the phone rings again:

Kurt: “Hey man, where are you?”

Me:” approaching Dockweiler”

Kurt: “ah, so take the street that runs parallel to the path and then when you come to the turn you take a sharp right, you on whatyoumacall it street”


Kurt: “well you know the street we used to take”

Me: “OK – I think I know – see you shortly”

..and so I proceeded South on what I thought was the street we were talking about and by the time I hit 56th and Ocean in Manhatten Beach I called Kurt back.

Me: “so, I am at 56th and Ocean”

Kurt: “Where is that?”

Me: “Dude, I don’t know – you will down here. All I know I am South of the plant and maybe half a mile away from the pier”

Kurt: “ahh, so you must have already passed the divider when we last talked”

Me: “what divider”

Kurt: “never mind, lets meet at the pier”

And that is when we finally met up. It really was a joy to see Kurt today. We have not seen each other in over a year and I have to say he went through some changes for the better. You see, Kurt is a BIG guy, as in tall and build – AND – he lost a lot of weight in his mid section. He always had strong legs, but now they are the size of tree trunks. This combo does him well – he looks (and rides) solid. Here is a picture to proof it (make sure to zoom in)

Kurt a.k.a @M2Tiguy - great company any day

We spent a good deal of time at a coffee shop in Hermosa Beach to catch up on each other, then he rode back with me to Santa Monica, where he needed to turn around. There was a time when we were pretty evenly matched riders. It will be a while for me to return to that level, but I sure look forward to riding with Kurt.

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  2. Kurt ( tree trunk guy) says:

    tree trunks ?? Realy,
    great to be out with you –
    next time ( in my best Arnold voice) we climb !!!!!!

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