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The battle of the earbuds

The following is a run down of three different earbuds and my likes and dislikes about them. The entire article will only be useful to you if you believe in wearing earbuds while riding. If you are in the camp … Continue reading

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Not Los Flores Canyon again??

Since I received a message from @M2Tiguy in his best Schwarzenegger imitation (he is a natural at that) stating: “WE WILL RIDE HILLS, NO WHINING!!! – YOU CHOOSE!!” – I figured, what the heck, it may as well be my nemesis Los … Continue reading

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A tale of the two stooges…

There was a time when we were pretty evenly matched riders. It will be a while for me to return to that level, but I sure look forward to riding with Kurt. Continue reading

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Los Flores Canyon and I

My legs are toast and the hot shower felt incredible. But the best part of cycling is the way how great you feel when you come home – nothing compares to it. Continue reading

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