Change – the only constant in life


The new year is shaping up to be fast and furious on all fronts. Many of you know that we lost our long time companion ‘Shep’ early December. He left not only a big hole in our hearts, but also a big void in our household, it was creepy quiet, and we decided that no amount of waiting will help heal the hurt of losing Shep. We set out to scour PetFinder on a daily basis to search for our next companion. We also decided that he/she should be a small breed, keeping our own age in mind and the work involved 12 to 15 years down the road.

We had a couple of false starts but then stumbled across a listing for a litter of Terripoos (I know that @M2TiGuy will be pleased to read this expression). We visited the rescue organization and fell in love with two of them: Angel and Wee Man.


Wee Man is clearly the runt of the litter and is only half the size of Angel. We think he might never grow more than perhaps 8 pounds, but he sure makes up in spirit and he is the ultimate cuddlier. Angel on the other hand is a very dominant Alpha female, inquisitive of everything and boundless energy. Did I mention she is also quiet the acrobat?

Between the two of them, we had some truly exhausting days (in a good way) as we are in the middle of house breaking and just reached the one week mark. Mind you, these pups are still very young, barely 2 months old only. There was a litter of 7 which was dumped in front of the rescue organization (Smashface Rescue), inside a tied up plastic trash bag. Only five survived, and thus far three of them have a new home.

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In other news I started work with a new company as the general manager for two restaurants. I am currently in training, and once all of these steps are completed and I am officially in place, I will proudly announce where I am. The only downside of this job is that ‘traditional’ weekends no longer exist for me, and with that I will miss my newfound riding buddies, all of whom ride on Saturday and Sundays. But, ces’t la vie!

Between the new work schedule and the pups I managed to get on the trainer here and there to enjoye a good workout with my epicRide DVD’s and yesterday I got a good 3.5 hour ride in. So, all in all, fast, furious, every changing in a good way on our front – what about you?

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5 Responses to Change – the only constant in life

  1. Deborah says:

    Congrats on the new additions to the GT family! Bonus points for rescuing them. They’re really cute — I love the curled tails. Enjoy!

  2. jeff says:

    GT, Congratulations on the new job and the new pack members. In my house, the more dogs, the merrier. Give them a scratch from me.

  3. Kurt Schweter says:

    Terripoos !!!!! I love it !
    all the best my friend and hurry, get your crew together so we can hit the road sooooon

  4. Ian says:

    Congratulation on the new family members and the new job. Looking forward to you revealing the name of the mystery restaurants.

  5. Oh boy, there are a-do-ra-ble! Watching Angel in command and Wee Man following, you & Sue must have such a blast!!
    A special “yay” for your new job (s) even though it steps on your weekend rides.
    I always say that if your job gets in the way of your sport, gotta quit the job, hihi!
    Another year, another fresh start!
    Your East Coast French Canadian friend,
    *hug those puppies for me*

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