New Year’s Day ride

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.  ~Author Unknown

What would a New Year’s Day be without a ride? – unthinkable!!! Luckily for me there are others who think along those lines and I had invitations from @roadchickie and @M2TiGuy to ride. The former would have been a fun and easy cruise with a whole bunch of great girls, the latter a bit more serious riding. Kurt (@M2TiGuy on twitter) and I are planning on doing “The Ride around the Bear” on June 11, and that may seem far away, but it is only 22 weeks to get in shape for this challenge, and therefor we decided to ride some canyons.

This is one of the all time great centuries. There is little more satisfying than cruising nearly 40 miles down the 7000- foot descent from Onyx Summit to Redlands. This is a glorious ride but there is a little matter of climbing to Running Springs at 6030 feet, Big Bear Lake at 6750 feet and to Onyx Summit at 8443 feet to start with. This ride has been rated “One of the top ten most difficult centuries in the country” as stated by Cyclist Magazine.

We had such great weather, blue skies, blue ocean, lush green hill side and chilly (well for So Cal) temperatures mostly in the 40’s. We went up the coast and enjoyed climbing Latigo Canyon with the summit as the turn-around point. All the times I climbed Latigo, I never rode it down, since we always kept un going towards the valley side. Let me tell you – what a fun and fast 10 mile roller coaster that downhill is.

To sum up the day: Excellent company, great weather and a fun and challenging ride – what else would you need? Happy New Year to you all!


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3 Responses to New Year’s Day ride

  1. Hehe, visited your blog again; can’t get enough of those pics!!
    PS I NEVER got to ride my bike on New Years Day!!
    Mari-jo, your “East Coast-French Canadian-sick of winter” friend xoxo

  2. jeff says:

    GT, Sounds like a great ride! I envy your SoCal weather. I’m off to check out the Cyclist Magazine article about 10 Toughest Centuries.

    • GT in LA says:

      Hi Jeff – thanks for stopping by and wishing you many, many great cycling miles in beautiful Colorado – can’t wait to read about this years adventures.

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