Shep – R.I.P. – 12/12/10

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9 Responses to Shep – R.I.P. – 12/12/10

  1. jeff says:

    GT, I just now read this. I’m so sorry. I had a collie/german shepard growing up and she was special. I’ve lost a golden retriever and a brittany spaniel and cried like a little girl. Our household now includes a golden, a brittany, and a yorkie! Animals are such great models for a life based on what really matters. RIP Shep!

  2. GT in LA says:

    Hello friends – thank you for your kind, caring words and for your compassion!

  3. Deborah says:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. Losing a beloved pet is to lose a family member. That you rescued him is impressive. I hope your memories bring you peace.

  4. GT, I am sincerly so sorry. As much as I prepared myself all weekend long for this, I’m still devastated to see it’s really happening.
    Shep was way more than a wonderful dog; he was a loyal companion who supported both of you in difficult situations; an intuitive friend who knew how to simply be there for you; he was also this wonderful athlete who shared those miles and miles of walking, everyday, for years.
    I cannot imagine the pain you and Sue have to go through right now. I can only tell you that I am deeply affected by it. The relationship we have with our 4 legged friend can sometimes be very powerful and overwhealming. It is too mee. I keep looking for the perfect thing to say but nothing will ease your pain.
    I will be thinking of you my dear friend GT,

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  6. kurt says:

    Shep will be missed, glad I was able to “buddy ” around with him @ june lake.
    Think of him, running around the Mountains now in Peace.

  7. I’m so sorry for your loss. Shep was a beautiful dog.

  8. Oh man – so sorry GT! There is something about the bond between humans and our canine companions that transcends the relationship that is so carelessly described as owner and pet. Why these relationships are designed to not last long wrt to our lifespans has always befuddled me, but maybe they are even more special because of their transient nature – I truly don’t know. What I do know is that our lives are so much richer with them in it and as such their passing can be so hard. But the memories of the years shared are truly magical! You and Sue will always carry Shep in your hearts – right where he belongs.


  9. merider says:

    I am so so sorry, GT. Shep was a wonderful companion and I know his passing is very difficult for you and Sue. Just keep in your heart the knowledge that you gave Shep as much as he gave you and until the end, you too were unwaveringly loyal. My thoughts are with you both.

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