The hills are calling

Lets roll

Since I received the good news last week my outlook on the upcoming Sierra vacation in September has greatly improved, because now, there is some riding involved, specifically the Annual High Sierra Fall Century. I have just about 4 weeks to get back in semi-decent shape  and with some effort and planning that is doable. I did this century for the first time last year (here is the ride report), and absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous ride through the high alpine region in the Eastern Sierras.

The best part of this years journey is that Kurt and his wife Karen are taking a couple of days off and coming up to Mammoth to join us at the cabin and Kurt will ride the century with me. Kurt had an extremely exciting week, because after many weeks of waiting his beautiful Ti frame arrived and his shop build up his new ride. I will get to see it in person tomorrow for the first time, but of course, here is a sneak preview of his new steed.

Kurt's brand new Ti Baby - one sweet ride

I can’t wait to see it. He took it out for the first ride today and chose one of my favorite routes (one I

Brentwood neighborhood in the hills

have not ridden in way too long) – up Mount Baldy (ride report from some time ago is here). Unfortunately, he had a minor incident, and one which could have been completely preventable. They were riding in a small group, Kurt was second up, when the lead person realized that he missed a turn and without warning or signal broke hard and turned. I don’t have all the details yet, I know that no one is insured, but that his front wheel is out of true with a broken spoke and his brand new derailleur is now scratched up. I can’t even begin to understand what went through the head of the lead rider to pull a stunt like this.

On the bright side, now he does no longer need to ‘baby’ his new ride – it is officially broken in. I will get to see it tomorrow morning when I ride down to Manhatten Beach. One of the most excellent side effects of Kurt’s build of his new bike is that he dismantled his old ride and is selling components to recoup some of the cost. I was lucky enough to present when he said he was putting the Ultegra break set on E-Bay. I have cash, he doesn’t need to list them and I finally get to change out the Cane Creeks and the Ultegra breaks will complete the full gruppo on my ride.

I love being back out here

On a personal note I started riding hill repeats today for the first time since the heart attack, to get my legs used again to some incline. Fortunately we have a great climb literally 500 yards from my home, a street by the name of Tigertail. It winds from Sunset Blvd. to the the top of the hill, taking some 2 miles to do so while climbing right around 750 feet. There are some mean sections in the 16 to 18% incline and one stretch of about 100 yards shows at 21% on the Garmin. I did three repeats today and then looped into Santa Monica and back and got a good 22 mile ride with over 2500 feet of climbing in.

The plan for tomorrow is to ride down to Manhatten Beach, meet with Kurt to see his ride and put the Ultegra breaks into my jersey, ride back and do another 3 repeats of Tigertail, that should make for a 60 mile ride with around 3000 feet of climbing. The hills are calling – I’ve got to get this body back in shape.

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4 Responses to The hills are calling

  1. You’re a great writer and your writing is inspiring to get on my road bike–and write about it, too. Have a great time in Mammoth. You seem plenty fit doing those gnarly hill repeats. You will go crush those Eastern Sierra “hills” just fine.:)

  2. Bryan says:

    Nice GT. It really sounds like you’ve turned a corner and are ready to roll again. That Ti frame/bike looks sweet. When I was in Dallas I had a good hill close by that was great for repeats. No such animal here in Florida.

  3. Hi GT! You’ve accomplished so much in just a few weeks that you’ll be ready for your Sierra adventure. Having a good climb like Tigertail close to home is perfect.
    You’re a guy with a plan so for sure everything will work out!
    Have a good 60 miles today and say hi to Kurt for me!

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