The best news you can ever get

Last week was rather promising with some really great things happening, and it culminated in two good friends joining me for my fist group ride (story is here on @roadchickie web site).

so happy to be with my friends

What I was really waiting for was today; a meeting with my cardiologist to find out the results of my stress test from last week. Well, the day I was waiting for finally arrived. The usual routine; checking in, time with the nurse and the big act – my cardiologist.

Dr. Bindra at first made idle chit-chat, catching up on my time since the last visit and then finally getting to the meat of the matter: stress test results.

I am sitting on the patient table, my doc is sitting on the little desk on the computer, pulling up my results; pages of data are scrolling by, too far away for me to see what he is looking at; listening to the occasional “huh”, or “hmm” and ‘”ha”…..this goes on for the better part of probably 2 minutes…to me, it feels like eternity. I finally say: “OK, what is going on – you are killing me with curiosity!!”

He turns around and says:”This is really good – the stress test reveals ZERO damage to your heart muscle”.

Wow – I know I was expecting good news because of the way I felt during the stress test, but hearing these words were, well, euphoric. I still remember what it feels like when the heart attack struck and throughout the last several weeks when I pushed myself, there was always this nagging little feeling somewhere in the back of my head saying “…but what if?”.

The ‘What If’ just got erased – read: ZERO damage to the heart. Of course, we continued the conversation and the result of it boils down to: I am released to full physical activity WITHOUT restriction.

I am still on the same regiment of medications and I will see my doc again in a months time, do some more blood work, then determine what and if can/will be eliminated. From there on I likely get to see him twice a year. I know that some of the medications will stay with me for a lifetime because of the stent in my heart. You see, the stent resembles a small obstacles to the blood flow, and without those blood thinners it would be a ticking time bomb (no pun intended). The medication assures that the blood is thin enough to circumvent the tiny obstacle without creating more problems….I will have to and can live with that.

The first call was to my wife, who did everything right that night and saved my life just 5 weeks ago with her quick actions. Having a partner like that is the best news you can ever get!!!


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16 Responses to The best news you can ever get

  1. Bryan says:

    Couldn’t leave a comment from work earlier today (firewall) so I tweeted congrats. Just wanted to stop by and make it more personal. I’m really happy for you.

  2. tracywilkins says:

    WooHoo! Great news! I’m really glad for you…..

    Now, get out there and ride!

  3. soozed says:

    Truly great news. And a wake up call for all of us. Thanks for sharing…now go and ride : )

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  5. Congratulations, GT. Can’t keep a good man down, can they? That is such great news….ride strong, my friend.


  6. kurt schweter says:

    Thank You for the message yesterday with the results –
    I new you were AOK when you went out like a bat out “O” hell on the ride Sunday – when I was thinking it was going to be a very casual ride

  7. Wow GT, zero damage to your heart and physical activity without restriction, that’s amazing!
    Thanks to your wife, you’re back on the bike! She sure is a keeper!
    So happy for you!
    Will Shep miss his long walks tho? Ahah!

  8. Dick Powell says:

    Now that is the best of all good news. You will be around for many many years my friend

  9. Steve Wingate says:

    great news

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  11. Deborah says:

    Awesome news! Happy to hear it!

  12. bikinginla says:

    Man, you just brought tears to my eyes. I never would have imagined that you could go through something like that and come out with zero damage to your heart. I couldn’t be happier for you. And it sounds like that wife of yours is definitely a keeper.

    • gtinla says:

      Oh yes she is – 2011 will mark 25 years of our marriage – we couldn’t be more different, yet alike – magic! I really look forward to meeting you soon!

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