Neuvation Wheels make for a happy GTinLA

This was/is an exciting week. It all started with Monday, when I got to do my stress test to determine how I am healing after the heart attack. Although I will not know the ‘official’ results until this coming Monday, when I meet with my cardiologist again, the doctor who administered the stress test seemed rather pleased. I made it through 5 levels and got to 16 minutes 42 seconds before I said “uncle”.

Another exciting event was the arrival of my new Wheels from Neuvation Cycling. Some of you know that I had my challenges with the stock Shimano wheels ever since I bought April. The Shimano wheels have now close to 11,000 miles on them and the hubs were redone twice, so it is really time for a new wheel set. I can’t believe how light these Neuvation wheels are, to put it into perspective, when I weight the Neuvation rear wheel with tube and tire and cassette it only weight 40 grams more than the Shimano wheel sans anything…wow.

Neuvation Wheel Rear - 880 grams (wheel only) with new Continental Gators

The front wheel is equally amazing and of course a test ride is next, just as soon as I am done with some more honey-do’s. But just having the wheels on, spinning them and they keep spinning endlessly is such a joy.

There was another great event this week which had to do with Performance Cycling. They had a new store opening in the Valley and recently remodeled their Santa Monica store, so they had a ‘Grand Opening Celebration’ for both. I went there Friday morning before the store opened, because the first 100 in line got $20 cash card for being in line,  Then I won a $10 cash card on their promotional wheel of fortune, received a $15 cash card for 3 old tubes, took advantage of a 15% store wide mark down, and used my $45 member dollars on my Performance card and bought: -2 Continental Ultra tires, Fizik white bar tape and two new tubes for grand total of: $7 which is a savings of $109 — I call that a good shopping day.

Neuvation Cycling front wheel - 640 grams

First Ride report: just got back from an 8 mile loop – 16.9 mph average with about normal 75% effort. I like those wheels a lot. Have to tighten the Garmin magnet on the spokes better, keeps loosening up on me and banging on the receiver unit.

Next great thing for this week: Tomorrow morning Kurt and @roadchickie will join me for my first group since the heart attack. We likely will make it an easy cruise down to Playa del Rey and back, but I am really looking forward to the banter of two good friends.

Told you, this was a good week!!!!


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  3. tracywilkins says:

    Those wheels look sweet! I’ll keep them in mind…my road wheels have 10,000 miles on them and while they still seem to be in pretty good shape, I’m convinced that a few more spokes would probably offer a better ride. I’m planning to replace them with something over the winter, but don’t want to spend a ton of money since that bike doesn’t get ridden a whole lot anymore.

    Thanks for the posts. And congratulations on your stress test…..

  4. Don says:

    I looked at Neuvation before buying Williams, I am interested in hearing how you like them and how they hold up.

    • gtinla says:

      First impression are very good – I will post an update after the first 1000 miles..thanks for stopping by.

      All the very best, Gerhard

  5. Bryan says:

    Nice looking wheels GT. Nice job on the stress test and have fun on that group ride.

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  8. Michael Pratchard says:

    Very informative info about the wheels! Good luck on the ride and welcome back to a long life of cycling!

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