Tomorrow is a big day

Finally – the day I have been waiting for has arrived. Tomorrow I will have a cardiac stress test in a very controlled environment. I really am looking forward to it, because my biggest hope is that the results are good, and that would translate into a significant reductions of medication I am on since my heart attack.

I guess I am one of the first ones there, since I have a 8 am in-time at the hospital, which is fine by me. In preparation for tomorrows test I went for a 27 mile loop (the same I took last weekend) and pushed a bit harder. I took about 8 minutes of my time from last week.

My very own stress test

I felt really good during and after the ride. So let’s see what else happened in the last week? I continued my exercise regime which calls for brisk walks 3 times a week. Probably the thing that thrills me most is the fact that despite many setbacks I was able to set aside enough cash to order my new wheel set without guilt or having to put it on credit. Of course the fact that I ordered from Neuvation Cycling really helps my budget. I did a lot of research and the quality of John Neugent’s work is rock solid. So, I am excited and happy to depart from my hard earned cash for some beautiful wheels hand-build here in Southern Californis.

My new Front Wheel

My new Rear Wheel

I can’t wait to receive my new wheel set and see the difference to my old one’s (and by now worn out original Shimano wheels over 11,000 miles on that wheel set). All in all, I hope a week from now to have some excellent news to share on my health, as well as an update on the wheel set (build time and shipping). Until then, keep riding my friends and I look forward to hopefully joining you soon.

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  4. Deborah says:

    Good thoughts to you on slaying your stress test. And those wheels are drool-worthy. I’m looking forward to the ride report.

    • gtinla says:

      Thank you much – hope to ride soon with all of you. Oh yeah, and thanks for that little drool on the wheels, makes it really shiny!!!

  5. bikinginla says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and say a couple extra prayers that you get the best possible results, and put those new wheels to great use soon. Sounds like you’re going to bounce back better than ever.

  6. Go GT, ride like the wind on those new wheels my friend, your charts look great.


  7. Steve Montalto (Highmountain4) says:

    Best of luck “stressing” their equipment tomorrow GT! Based on your own unofficial results you should do more than just fine. Will be interested on what kind of profile they subject you to (comparing it to what they hit me up with). When your ready to christen the R28s with a social ride – let me know!

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