Direction – moving forward

Just a short entry to let everyone know that things are OK and moving into the right direction. During the week I am still sticking to the prescribed walking routine, increasing intensity and distance ever so often. Shep sort of gave me the ‘eye’ when I first started that, but he is really getting into it. Now I get the eye on my rest days, when I have him get into the car instead.

Anyway, I can definitely feel progress, although there are some days, which just don’t feel right. This weekend was really busy for me. Gardening (yes, doctor I went on the hill too), harvesting tomatoes, making batches of fresh tomato sauce to be frozen and enjoyed during winter times. The pool was another first this weekend – felt great getting into and swimming again for the first time this summer.

Sunday started with a great hike with Shep on the fire road, followed by some ‘tax free shopping’ for the garden at OSH, then finishing up the yard work on the hill and finally a great ride to Playa del Rey. I almost followed my doctors orders, but simply felt too good not to start pushing a bit here and there. The Doc feels I should be zone 3 all the time, that is simply not realistic when you live in a hilly area. Don’t get me wrong, I am not being reckless, but you have to push it a little bit here and there. So, one more week to go before my big ‘stress test’. I am actually looking forward to it, as it should give me ‘real’ numbers as to HR zones, VO2 max etc…

SoCal Cycling

Anyway, during my ride today I came upon a rider sitting road side with his front wheel in his hands. I slowed and asked the customary “are you OK”. Well, he was not; he had a flat and just recently started riding, this was his first taste of cycling reality, and he had a horrible time trying to get the tire seated. So, I dismounted, and a little show and tell got him on the right track. He was so proud when it was all done (I didn’t do the work, just showed him steps and had him work it), really put a smile on my face when I left him all beaming.

My little Sunday Ride


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2 Responses to Direction – moving forward

  1. I bet that fresh tomato sauce is yummy!
    Can’t wait for that “stess test” either GT; you’re gonna show your doc what a cyclist’s heart is all about!
    Thanks for keeping us posted and big hug to Shep!

  2. Nice work GT…not only are you back out there on the road again, but you’re helping other riders in the process. I’m looking forward to the results of your stress test…it’s always nice to know your true HR zones and VO2 Max.


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