Century rides are awesome

The last several weeks just flew by me. I am still getting used to my new schedule and am not quiet in control of my own time yet with my new job, but, that will come in time. For the most part I get to squeeze a couple of rides in on the weekend, and in the case of the last one, I got a beautiful century ride under my belt. For anyone who is counting, that would be #3 this year.

Why is he sticking the tube up his nose?

I got to see Kurt, whom I haven’t seen since the ski season started (pictured above). He is a ski bum and will drop the bike for a pair of skies any day, which maybe might explain his handling of an  tube :). All kidding aside, it was really nice being able to catch up with him while it lasted. As it turns out I dropped him at a climb following his flat repair and he missed a marker and made a wrong turn. I would not see him again that day (actually rumor has it, that he found his way back, but made a wrong turn once more and ended up riding his own ‘unsupported’ century) – whatever works.

Also on the ride was M.E.rider, Tom, Karen (who I have not met before) and Mark, who pointed me to this ride in the first place. You might remember Mark aka The Colonel from previous ride descriptions. Mark has undergone quiet a transformation since he got his new custom Look. Not only did he get a new custom bicycle, he also started a better diet and more riding and has become quiet the ‘force’.

Mark and his new dream machine - a lethal combo

He really is a very strong rider and drops me on climbs like a hot potato. But, he waited up for me on the three stops along the way, and we had a good time exchanging life stories. I only spotted Mary and Karen briefly while hanging out on the first stop to wait for Kurt, but after she told us she didn’t pass him, we knew he was lost. I later learned that Mary and Karen also got lost plus had some mechanical problems and ended up with what amounted to a 10+ hour ride (if you want juice details you might want to go to her blog)

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