Scattante CFR Elite – 2 year review

Hard to believe – my ride, nicknamed ‘April’ (get it?) – is two years old. I checked my logs, a combination of a simple spreadsheet when I used the Cateye and Garmin Connect stats, and found that April and I enjoyed 11654 miles together, climbed some 265000 feet (does not include the time with the Cateye). It seems we rode at an average speed of 15.6 mph during those years and the average ride length was right around 46 miles.

My regular readers know that I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with April over the years. If you like, you can read up about it here: Scattante purchase, 1 year after and after crash report. There is one statement I made about a year ago, which I really want to retract. I said something to the extend that the frame feels somewhat mushy, not stiff enough. Well, after riding April another year and becoming a stronger rider I now have to say that the only mushy back then was I, not the frame. I find the stronger I become, the more responsive the bike is.

Yes there still are some minor annoyances, but they are cosmetic, and crashing a bike at 23 mph will do that anyway. The Ultegra drive train has held up exceptionally well and the only thing changed in the couple of years is the rear cassette, the chain and the derailleur cables. I am not a maintenance freak, but I make it a point to clean the drivetrain thoroughly every 4 weeks. In between, I might wipe off visible grit on the chain with a cloth, but that is about it. The Continental Ultra Gator Skin tires have served me well and except for that one insane ride, I never had any issues with them, and they are perfect for the varying road conditions I ride.

I hope to be able to upgrade my wheel set to Easton 90’s this year, (Note: I couldn’t afford the Easton set and started shopping for quality hand build wheels and purchased Neuvation Wheels), because I believe they would be a great improvement over the stock Shimano wheels, and if the finances allow, I will change the Cane Creak breaks to Ultegra (done in August 2010) ones. Other than that I hope April and I will have another  12000 miles of fun together before she retires.

Here is my biased opinion on the Scattante CFR Elite which might help some folks deciding what to buy:


  • full carbon bike
  • great value with full Ultegra groupo (except brakes)
  • good geometry for endurance rides
  • compact or triple option


  • fairly cheap paint/lacquer job
  • low average wheel set
  • average breaks

Best Use:

This is a very good entry level bike and will satisfy the recreational enthusiast also. When you get to the point that you can ride 70/80/100 miles or more on a whim, you are likely to start looking at upgrades. To get into the sport, train and build strength, the value of the Scattante is hard to beat.

UPDATE: July 31, 2010

I just purchased a new wheel set from Neuvation Cycling which gave my bike a whole new life – follow the link to read the story

UPDATE: August 8, 2010

I purchased a set of Ultegra breaks from my friend Kurt who just completed his new build, and was selling off the components of his old bike. Now my bike has a full Ultegra 6600 Gruppo.


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6 Responses to Scattante CFR Elite – 2 year review

  1. denny reeder says:

    brakes not breaks – otherwise thanks for a very good review!

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  3. dwb says:

    I have a Scattante CFR Comp, purchased in August 2008, I guess I should call it Augustus. I paid $1,200 plus tax on sale and got the 10 percent team performance discount that I used to buy pedals, shoes and a few other items.
    I think Augustus came with a lower grade groupo than April, only the rear derailleur is Ultegra. It came with a Truvativ crankset, Tektro brakes, Shimano 105 front derailleur and shifters and a Forte saddle. I recently upgraded all of those: Ultegra crankset and brakes, Selle Italia SLR Gel Flo Saddle, Williams 30X wheelset (I highly recommend and Ritchey carbon alloy handlebars.
    I made those changes because I wanted the bike to perform better but I wasn’t in the market to buy a new bike. It rides smoother, faster, much improved.

  4. GTinLA says:

    I just saw them in the Performance Catalog on sale for $499 US….I think I might have to bite the bullet, eh? 🙂

  5. I hope you get the Easton 90, they are a real treat!
    I stole them from Pat and now I believe they are mine…
    Once you try them, there is no way back!
    Bye GT,

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