So many ‘firsts’ in 2009

One would figure that at my age there would not be too many firsts, boy, was I ever wrong!

During yesterday’s ride my front derailleur cable broke and left me with some 20+ miles pedaling home in the big ring (nice workout!). Of course I didn’t have a replacement cable at home either, and it being Christmas Day my LBS was closed. I went there this morning bright and early after spending some time with Shep in the park. What a glorious early morning – here is a snapshot from my phone.

While I was waiting at the LBS, I chatted with the store manager, and during that conversation I realized the many cycling related ‘firsts’ I experienced this year. Probably at the top of the list is starting this blog in mid January. There were a couple of reasons for that: wanting to experience what blogging was all about, wanting to share with a handful of friends and wanting some motivational tool to keep me going. My little blog has delivered on all three accounts, and in some respect really surprised me.

I met people in person who I met first through my blog entries, and formed some very nice friendships. People I would have never met otherwise are now closer to me than some ‘friends’ I have known for years. I also encountered a fair amount of ‘whack jobs’ (thank god for comment moderation). I am also surprised by the number of visitors to my little blog.

Interesting numbers

I understand that these numbers are tiny compared to the cycling powerhouse blogs, but I am still surprised at the number of visitors. So, why did they come? A look in the top 5 search terms used to find my blog gives a clue:

Scattante - lots of people looking for info

Funny, eh? And here I was thinking it is my great writing skills and fabulous adventures which bring people here, but no, lots of people looking for information on the Scattante brand.

Other firsts this year:

  • 4 centuries
  • 4763 miles
  • 194641 feet climbing
  • 7035 maximum elevation gain in one day
  • One OTB – really bad fall
  • 30 days off the bike thereafter
  • got a RoadID
  • learned how to ride in a pace line
  • took turns in pulling a pace line (probably the best feeling)
  • lost 22 pounds
  • gained 6 friends

I hope that 2010 will bring many more ‘firsts’ (I can do without the falls however) and hope that the same holds true for all of you!  Here is to a very happy, healthy 2010 and some great riding time! Be well!!


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6 Responses to So many ‘firsts’ in 2009

  1. Buttsy says:

    Nice blog…..I have spent too much time in the past looking into wordpress stuff, but stuck to blogspot because it was easy, alhtough my photos are never on the right place……..Lots of firsts is always a good thing…..

  2. soozed says:

    an impressive list of “firsts”… nice work

  3. GTinLA says:

    Jeff, Ray & Jeff – thanks for the comments – lets all have great firsts in 2010!!

    Jeff Bean – really looking forward to meeting you sometimes next year

    Jeff: I don’t think Colorado will be an option for me in ’10 – but I keep that on my must do list, thanks for sharing your adventures

  4. jeff says:

    Hoping 2010 will have many more great “firsts” for you!

  5. rainycamp says:

    Isn’t it amazing the reaction our blogs get? Although, like you, most people seem not interested in my writing, but more in getting info. In my case, the top search term is Selle San Marco Ponza (my saddle). I’m trying to come up with a list of “firsts” I’d like to see in the coming year.

  6. jeff bean says:

    Nice work, GT. Chapeau. This is a great list of “firsts” that will lead to many others. Of that, I have no doubt. Keep riding. Keep blogging. Keep smiling.

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