A ride with friends

I have been off the bike for almost a month. Since the reasons are non-cycling related I don’t blog about them. But I did miss my time on the bike and I missed cycling with like minded souls.

A couple of days ago Mark sent out an email announcing that he had some extra time and wanted to get some more rides in this year. So, this was the perfect excuse to come out of my hibernation and to get back onto the bike. Andy was also able to join and we met up yesterday morning in my neighborhood for a ride South to Palos Verdes.

It is amazing how quickly the fitness level degrades. It is all I could do to hang on to the tail of these two boys, and I know, that every so often they took pity on me and slowed the pace to give me a break. Thank you guys, much appreciated!

It was a great day to ride with temperatures in the low 60’s, the sun peaking in and out of storm clouds blowing in from the Pacific Ocean. That storm far off the coast, also generated a spectacular surf along the coastline. All of this, plus great company and good conversation (that is when I was not too winded to talk) made for a very enjoyable ride with friends.

This is probably the last entry for this year, so I bid you all very Happy Holidays and a Healthy and Prosperous 2010 and above all, many, many Epic Rides!


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7 Responses to A ride with friends

  1. Bryan says:

    I now what you mean. After not having ridden for several months I feel like a giant three-toed sloth….yuck.

  2. apes says:

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  3. Andy says:

    Not so fast my friend, there are 9 days left in this year. Great time out. It doesn’t take long before it all comes back. Cheers

  4. jeff says:

    Good to hear from you. I would kill for the 60’s! Happy Holidays to you also, GT.

  5. merider says:

    Glad you got back on your bike, GT. It’s the best panacea. I look forward to some rides with you in 2010!

  6. Jeff Bean says:

    GT, nice to see you’re able to get out. Missed seeing regular updates. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Peace on earth, and best wishes for 2010!

  7. rainycamp says:

    Welcome back. Hope to see much of you (virtually) in the coming year.

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