The joy of slicing corners

Lately my rides followed too many routes I already blogged about, and I didn’t want to bore you regurgitating old information. What strikes me most is the joy of getting on the bike. I love the sound when I first clip in – tock, tock!!

When you hear and feel that, your senses heighten, and a wave of excitement comes over you. The first few revolutions, testing the strength in your legs, feeling it (or sometimes not), then sitting back, settling in, legs increasing cadence and working as perfect pistons – and off you go.

Riding my bike often makes me feel like a kid again. Some days offer up perfect riding conditions (absence of cars) on certain routes. Empty roads and a clear vision of a 90 degree right hand turn ahead, lining up way left, feeling the rush of leaning in, cutting and slicing through the corner, feeling the acceleration – joyful!

cyclist-cornering (stolen from the web)

Today was one of those days; I was on the road by 6:15 am for a PV (Palos Verdes) ride and can’t remember ever having seen the bike path that empty. It was almost as having the entire bike path as my personal playground – and play I did. For a while I even forgot about my Garmin – it was just too much fun slicing through the turns. A perfect day on the bike.

The only negative today (and it is not bike related) is the fact that there are only 4 houses on our street (3 miles long) which are flying the flag in honor of our service men. That is a damn shame, because without their sacrifices much of what we take for granted would not exist, and I am extremely thankful of their service.

Veteran's Day (image stolen from the web)


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2 Responses to The joy of slicing corners

  1. bikinginla says:

    Man, I love that feeling. For me, there’s nothing like the feeling of leaning into a corner, carving a tight line and starting to pedal again at apex to accelerate out of it.

  2. jeff says:

    GT, Some of my favorite corners are descents. Coming off Dallas Divide the curves are big and wide open. You can really fly. And I echo your sentiments about the armed forces.

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