Slowly coming back and what fun it is

I was just looking back on my Garmin data for August and I am pleased with the progress made since I came back from hitting the tarmac. For the month of August I logged about 646 miles and climbed some 34000 feet. My average speed for this distance and elevation shows at 15 mph.

Ride data for August - click to enlarge

Ride data for August - click to enlarge

Since my  climbing training ride, I spent the last 6 rides pretty much along the coast, due to the heavy smoke in the Los Angeles basin from the fires burning in our local mountain communities. Interval and pace riding is fun and rewarding. I was tickled pink with last Sunday’s ride in which I was able to to cover a 40 mile ride with a 17.2 mph pace. I realize, that this is not a fast pace for many, for me a first, and yes it felt fast.

Good pace for me - click to enlarge

Good pace for me - click to enlarge

I have this week to get another 3 to 4 good rides in, before a taper in preparation for the Eastern Sierra Century on September 12. I feel strong and ready for the challenge and very much look forward to the ride. I’ll promise not to forget the camera and to use it often.

Today’s outing was a treat, because MErider drove on over to the Westside and joined in a great ride to Hermosa Beach and back. I so enjoyed the company, her stories and sharp wit  – an all around wonderful departure from my normal solo rides. If you have not been to her blog, you have been missing out on some very special stories.


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  1. jeff says:

    I want to hear all about the Eastern Sierra Century. And I want to see as many pictures as your able to make yourself stop for.

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