Fun Saturday coast ride

Just look at this – what is not to like?

SoCal riding

SoCal riding

Took a relaxed tempo today and rode up to Malibu, sat in the shade under an olive tree, watching surfers, beach goers and other cyclists while having ice cream. Cruised back to Santa Monica and meandered through the neighborhoods. When I got home I was surprised to see that I rode 40 miles, and I was even more surprised at my average speed, 17.5 mph. For me, that is damn good. Now if I could just figure out how that happened – must have been the ice cream!

Full moon in the morning

Full moon in the morning

Today was/is an all around great day, it started with a gorgeous full moon early morning when I took Shep to the park. Then Sue and I went to have breakfast, followed by some grocery shopping and the ride. I just finished prepping for dinner and I am ready to hit the pool for a while, followed by some reading, and if I had to guess, probably a little nap.

Later on I will fire up the BBQ (charcoal only for me). I love outdoor cooking, and tonight we have about 8 friends over and cooking for a group is even more fun. Good friends, cold beer, chilled Sangria and tasty food of the BBQ is part of SoCal living.

Riding plans for tomorrow have changed (more on that at a later point), and I am not entirely sure yet where I will go, but I am leaning towards Los Flores Canyon, cresting the mountain and go down Piuma to Cold Canyon, turn around climb back up and then take Schueren all the way to the top of Saddle Peak mountain. That would be about a 45 mile ride with a bit of 5000 feet of climbing. Lets just hope I don’t have too much wine tonight!


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2 Responses to Fun Saturday coast ride

  1. Bryan says:

    I’ve used gas for years but this year on July 4th while I was at my mom’s place I used our really, really old family charcoal grill to cook some ribs, corn on the cob, potatoes and a pork loin. Actually turned out good.

    I think it’s pretty cool you live in an area where you can see the beach on one ride and them climb on the next.

  2. 331miles says:

    Nice photo of your bike and the beach. I like cooking with charcoal too. In my “neck of the woods”, you can buy lump mesquite charcoal that is locally made (relatively). The stuff burns hot and LONG. Check it out: And no, I don’t get paid by them! 😉

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