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Slowly coming back and what fun it is

For the month of August I logged about 646 miles and climbed some 34000 feet. My average speed for this distance and elevation shows at 15 mph. Continue reading

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Santa Monica mountains training ride

During todays ride there were times when I questioned my sanity, especially on Encinal, which seemed ‘never-ending as far as you can see’ winding uphill furnace, and it really got to me. In the end, I reached the top – and as a result, I am now a little bit stronger. Continue reading

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Five minutes to change a rear derailleur cable?

During my weekend rides I noticed some really unpredictable shifting in the 4, 5, 6 & 7th cogs. At times no shift, at others jumping a cog and so on. I checked the derailleur, which was perfectly aligned, the chain measured up perfectly and I couldn’t see anything unusual on the teeth of the cogs. So, I stood there for a bit scratching my hairless head, not coming to any conclusions. Continue reading

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High Sierra Fall Century status: signed-up

My tank was completely empty about 2 miles below the summit. No matter how deep I tried to dig, there was nothing left. However, this failed attempt became my motivation for riding the hills and mountains in my neighborhood to become better at climbing and ultimately gave me the confidence to register for the century. Continue reading

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A new route and a bee

It was during the climb up Old Topanga, when a bee found its way inside my wide open zipped jersey and proceeded to sting me right into the arm pit. Now that part wasn’t really fun, but what can you do? HTFU – and ride on. Speaking of bees – if you have not read the story of ‘BikingInLA’, another prolific blogger and very community oriented cyclist, about his encounter with a swarm of thousands of bees, you no longer have an excuse – here is the link! Frightening, is all I can say. So, no, I am not complaining about my bee sting, no Sir! Continue reading

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Not a typical day (in a good way)

If you like cycling, hiking and dogs – you will like this post. It is mostly a visual journey of a magical morning ‘mountain’ walk, with Shep. By mountain I refer to the fire road which starts at the end … Continue reading

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Where have my legs gone?

The last 4 miles climbed 2200 feet and my legs wanted to quit a long time ago, but getting to this point was a must. At the same token I have to admit that halfway up the hill my mind was already made up. The top of Piuma would be it, except I would backtrack down a mile and then climb back up Schueren Road to Saddle Peak road to the peak, which sits at 2500 feet. Continue reading

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