White gloves

In the absence of being able to ride, April is getting a lot of love and cleaning. The newest addition to her wardrobe is a pair of white gloves. Do you like?

new handlebar tape

new handlebar tape


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7 Responses to White gloves

  1. Groover says:

    Don’t listen to all those people telling that it’ll get dirty. I had exactly the same tape for years and it stayed white. Got the matching white saddle, too?

    • gtinla says:

      Hi Groover, thanks for stopping by. No on the white saddle, at least for now. If I like the white in the long run it will almost need to become a priority 🙂

  2. tracywilkins says:

    Yeah, those look good. As they get dirty, count the dirt as a badge of honor!

  3. gtinla says:

    Jeff – judging from MErider’s comment, I probably need white gloves, oh boy!
    Bikinginla – nice to see you and thanks for stopping by – hope to meet you one of these days on the bike path.

  4. MErider says:

    Dude, you are so brave putting white gloves on April. I had light baby-blue gloves on Patsy for awhile, until I couldn’t stand it anymore. The lighter the gloves (bar tape) the dirtier it is and harder to clean!! But I have to admit, it looks sharp. 😉

  5. bikinginla says:

    Man, I know what it’s like to have that riding itch you can’t scratch.

    You’re going to have the best prepped bike in town once you get back out there. Just try to keep that leg strength while you heal, so you’ll be as ready to go as your bike is.

  6. jeff says:

    Beautiful! Hope you’re out sweating on those gloves soon.

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