Week #2 without a ride…

I probably couldn’t have timed my crash better if I wanted to. After all, I get daily cycling excitement in HD from the Tour de France, and let me tell you this is a good thing. Being on Twitter (gtratter) and staying in touch with my friends, living vicariously through their adventures and rides helps also. I started hiking, easy enough to do, since I have a host of trails as a jump off point at the end of the canyon I live in, BUT, I miss riding.

Yesterday, I took the bike for a very short spin around the block, and that is all I needed to know that I am not ready. My shoulder is still too stiff and changing positions, i.e. from the hoods into the drops or just grabbing the center bar is to say the least, is awkward. But what really convinced me to give it a couple of more days is the inability to get to the break lever quickly. Knowing how much I need to break around here in traffic, this simply is too much of a handicap. For the next couple of days I will continue my hikes and give it another try on Monday.

I also got a call from Giro, who received the crashed helmet I sent for replacement. Turns out that the free replacement quoted by customer service is not quiet free,Giros Saros but a 50% discount of retail (except specialty helmets i.e. LiveStrong),and no tax and shipping cost. I wasn’t really surprised, because it never made sense to me that they would replace a crashed helmet for free to begin with. After all, the helmet is designed to take the blunt force trauma and collapse, thus protecting the skull. I selected the Saros in black and white as seen in the picture to the right and with any luck it should arrive within the next 7 to 10 days.

GSC 10

GSC 10

Speaking of arriving: my GSC 10, the technical term for the Garmin Edge 705 speed/cadence sensor arrived via UPS today. You may recall that the cadence reporting disappeared after a very wet Mt. Baldy ride. It took twenty eight days to get the replacement unit (under warranty), but Garmin was very good in communicating the delay and displayed excellent customer service with genuine care and concern. It makes all the difference when you deal with a company which stands behind its products. I highly recommend Garmin and Giro.

So, tomorrow I will tinker with the cadence unit, a fun little project and while I am at it, I might as well change the handlebar tape. Since I get a black and white helmet, I think white is in order. Other than that, I’ll continue to work on healing my body with stretching and strength exercises. I really hope to be back on the bike by Monday.


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5 Responses to Week #2 without a ride…

  1. MErider says:

    Glad your hiking! Ouch. 😦 You’ll be back soon. And I’m with you on the helmet. I’m surprised Giro would reimburse a helmet too. Never made sense to me but 50% off or so is nice anyway. Hope you feel better soon so you can come ride! 😉

  2. gtinla says:

    Jeff, Jeff & Tracy – thanks for stopping by and the good thoughts! Cheers

  3. tracywilkins says:

    Hikes are good! My wife and I have always been walkers….it’s good to stroll hand-in-hand with your sweetie. On top of that, it uses an entirely different set of muscles than the bike, so it’s a great way to round out your fitness.

    Besides that, if you can’t ride, it at least helps to be able to mess with the bike.

    Take care!

  4. 331miles says:

    Sorry you’re still sore. Take it slowly, and we’ll see you out on the road soon!

  5. jeff says:

    Get well soon and get back on the bike.

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