'April' is back

It is funny how some time apart can make your heart grow fonder – it is a happy day – I picked up April from the LBS and she has a clean bill of health. It is hard to describe the joy I felt as I rolled her to the car. I was so worried that her frame might be damaged beyond repair, because I simply could not have justified buying a new frame or bike at this time.

Yes, she is a little bit roughed up and she will have scares for life. I don’t think I ever appreciated her more though, with perhaps the exception of the day I brought her home first. For those of you who are new to this blog, April is my Scattante CFR Elite, with whom I had a pretty big on-off hate/love relationship. I remember not too long ago I had serious doubts about her., but all that changed in the aftermath of my recent crash. I much appreciate what she has to offer and I am sure we will stick together for thousands of miles more to come.

Perhaps when circumstances change, April might see lighter duty in her future, perhaps even early retirement, but only when (notice I did not say ‘if’) I can secure a job which allows for a bit of frivolous spending on my dream girl: a racy and sexy, but classy and elegant Cervelo RS (I didn’t say I was married to April, did I?) Besides, one must have goals to work towards and dreams to chase. But I think, April will be with me for the next few years. So, when I get down on her in the future (as I am sure will happen again), I will return to this page to be reminded just how thankful I am to have April.


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2 Responses to 'April' is back

  1. 331miles says:

    I hope you get a new job soon, and a few weeks later are riding the Cervelo. I feel the same way about my own situation!

  2. TheTricksterNZ says:

    Cervelo RS *drools*

    Even puts my lovely BMC to shame.

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