One week after the crash

Warning: at the end of this post is a slide show with some injury images – do NOT scroll down if such images make you queazy.

It has been a rough week following my crash last Saturday, and I am still dealing with some of the injuries. Nothing is broken, but severely bruised, especially my left shoulder, biceps and pectoral muscle, which makes it very difficult to sleep. Sunday and Monday after the crash was the worst, as I couldn’t find a position to be comfortable in, and every move hurt – thank god for a big bottle of Advil. Amazing though, how much abuse the body can take and despite all my moaning, how quickly it can heal itself. At the rate I am going, I am hoping to be back on the bike in another week (fingers crossed).

Speaking off the bike – I dropped it off at my LBS on Thursday to stress test the carbon frame, just to be sure I am not riding on a bike with a cracked frame, which would be a disaster waiting to happen. I also knew that the rear wheel was untrue after the crash and shifting was really rough while riding back to the car. The store manager of Performance Bicycle Santa Monica called on Friday and shared the good news that the frame is solid. According to him they stripped the bike down completely, checked everything and could not find any structural damage (there are plenty of nicks and scrapes, but that is to be expected). So, one of my biggest worries is gone, because I could not see me justify the purchase of a new frame or bike while out of work.

I also called Giro to inquire about their crashed helmet replacement policy, which is straight forward: Send the crashed helmet with a copy of proof of purchase, plus a short description about the crash and Giro will send a new helmet in return (don’t know yet how long the exchange will take).

Of course I no longer had the receipt, but I went to Helen’s Cycles in Santa Monica where I purchased the helmet. They were very accommodating and researched the transaction in their database with the help of the serial number in the helmet, found it and printed a duplicate receipt for me. I very much appreciated that, since it will save me about $160.00. Of course, they just recruited a new ambassador for their store because of their excellent customer service. So if you are near the West-side of Los Angeles, step into Helen’s and have a look around!

Most of all, I miss riding and can’t wait to get back onto the bike. The pressure of the job search increased with the incapacitated state I am in, with no outlet to let off steam. Well, I should not say – no outlet, because I did start going for small hikes on the local fire roads on Friday, and that helps a little bit, but doesn’t come close to a vigorous ride. I know, I should quit complaining, because after all, I got away fairly easy from a pretty bad crash.

My friends are riding in my neck of the woods (ah, add insult to injury) today, a perfect day to be close to the coast. Hopefully a week from today I’ll be able to join them again.

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  1. 331miles says:

    Sorry about the crash, but at least you’ll get a new helmet out of the deal. Hope you’re back on the bike soon and feeling great.

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