Pain in the butt

Yes, and I am not kidding, no buns intended (oops, that’s puns)! My last two rides have not been enjoyable, at least not when going longer than a couple of hours. For some reason a very strange pain comes on in my left buttock. When it first appears it feels almost as if sitting on a sharp cornered surface for too long, than gradually progresses down the leg. A little while later that left buttock radiates a dull ache, while it also feels like the butt and the thigh went to sleep; sort of a weird buzzing sensation.

I took off riding for the past couple of days, because the only thing I could come up with is that, perhaps, I strained a muscle during my last long mountain ride. If that is the case there might be some inflamed tissue, although I can’t recollect an ‘ouch’ moment. Today, I went for a short (less than 15 mile) ride to test my buns. It felt a lot better, but still feels weird. It clearly is not my equipment, as nothing has changed in the setup or components, therefor it’s got to be my old butt.

I think I’ll take another day off tomorrow, as Saturday will bring another Century ride. Can’t wait to ride with my butt asleep!! Anyway, if any of you ever experienced something similar and can shed some light on this issue, much appreciated!

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6 Responses to Pain in the butt

  1. 331miles says:

    I agree with rainycamp. Sounds like a nerve. Best of luck running down the cause and getting it treated. I recommend massage as a good, relatively inexpensive start.

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  3. tubetone says:

    On the gear side of things — have you checked your shorts? As many miles as you’ve been putting in, might be time for a new chamois. A little fresh/new padding might help you out.

    • gtinla says:

      Hi Tube,
      that is a good thought but I did those rides with different shorts and perfect paddings – but, I like your thinking, clearly outside of the shorts, um, box! 🙂

  4. tracywilkins says:

    Hmmm…That’s too bad. Stuff like that is frustrating. Hope it quits bothering you soon!

  5. rainycamp says:

    I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV — but it sounds to me more like a pinched nerve than a muscle. Lots of luck finding the pressure point.

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