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This week was really odd; it felt like driving an old car which needed a jump every time you stopped. There was no flow or rhythm to be found anytime. It started off with with my Garmin Edge 705 losing cadence on Monday mid-ride. Following the troubleshooting advice from the owners manual I changed batteries (twice, to be sure), but was unable to re-sync the Edge with the sensor. I contacted customer support via email and received a response within the promised 24 to 48 hours (actually, it  was less than 12 hours), and they suggested to try a master reset of the unit. So, I gave that a shot, but without the wanted result. Cadence is still missing and now I am waiting to hear from Garmin what the next step will be (the unit should still be under warranty).

A little while ago I lamented about falling out of love with my Scattante CFR. We (Performance Bicycle and I) are still waiting for the parts to rebuild the hubs on my Shimano front and rear wheel. The front has gotten so bad, that I now ride with a loaner from the store and the rear is only rideable because we loosened some of the tension. I am disappointed because the bike is only 14 months old, and yes, I have about 6500 miles on it, but the bike gets excellent weekly and monthly maintenance (from yours truly). For the hubs and bearings to be already shot is just wrong (at least in my opinion). For a while I contemplated the purchase of a better wheel set and to replace the Cane Creek breaks with better ones and some other tweaks, but by the time I do all of this, I am spending a serious chunk of money which could be saved towards a new bike (like a Cervelo RS).

By Tuesday I saw the first signs of DSL problems (very slow internet connection with sporadic short outages). Wednesday and Thursday I had no connection at all with my Verizon High Speed Acceess! I spent more than 3 hours with tech support on the phone. What is really annoying is the fact that my internet outage was not isolated (I found that out on Friday after it came back on), but was part of an outage which affected most of the West-side of Los Angeles. Yet, I was kept on the phone testing this and that, and rebooting yet another thing and so on. All the while I had great trouble understanding any of them (not because of technical terms) but because of their poor command of English, and even worse, the inability to deviate from their “customer service” script. The end result of these two days: I am now the proud owner of a brand new DSL modem (why? – because I asked for it) and the internet problems are cured because of the repair work done to the area (not because of my new modem).

I did get some 120 miles in for the week with some good climbing (over 5K), but between the Garmin, the DSL, the bike and of course the ever present job search, the week felt/feels choppy. OK – now that you are all up to speed, it is time to ride!

Oh, yes – Two important shout outs:

Jeff, of BikeCrave is riding the Climb to Kaiser today – 160 miles and 14000 feet of elevation gain

Doug, of Roadrash just reached his milestone goal of cycling 1200 km

Here is to reaching all of our goals!! Ride on!


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  1. 331miles says:

    I have an “upgrade” DSL modem that I never installed that was sent to me for exactly the same reason! Sorry for your troubles…frustrating…

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