More flats and other woes

The day started well enough with the morning spent responding to two very interesting job opportunities. Beautiful blue sky’s and a slight ocean breeze to take the sting out of the sun made for inviting cycling weather. Around 10 am I decided to take advantage of this great day and cycle up to Zuma Beach, which would make a nice 50 mile round trip.

Son of a gun – a flat rear tire. As you know not too long ago I dealt with a whole series of flat tires on the Malibu century attempt, so looking at yet another one was not fun. On the bright side, I am in my backyard and everything is easier there. I checked the tube and found a clean cut, almost an 1/8 inch. When I compared the tire I found it’s sibling in the sidewall of the tire, a slash close to an inch. I am really surprised, because this is a brand new tire. Granted, I am used to running Continental Ultra Gatorskins, and until I shredded the rear wheel last weekend I put thousands of miles on it without a flat. The shop I purchased the current tire didn’t carry my brand so I was forced to put on Bontrager RaceLite wheel, which supposedly is triple puncture resistant and so on…

Anyway, the cut is long enough so the tube once inflated to the proper pressure will force the cut open, making it the next flat waiting to happen. While I am working with the wheel and turning the hub I can feel the uneven rotation. Great, I already have a loaner tire on the front because my LBS is still waiting for Shimano to ship the replacement parts for the front hub (here is the link to that story) and now I have the same problem in the rear. Since I needed a new rear tire anyway, I just took the wheel to my LBS and showed it to the head wrench, who checked it over and told me that there is not much that can be done until the parts arrive.

I really am not too pleased with shelling out $50 today, after just having spend a bit over a $100 for the emergency supplies on Saturday (partly my fault). You see, since the layoff I put myself on a very tight ‘play money budget’. When I was working I had a very good income and I was used to be able to treat myself to just about anything my heart desired (well, within reason). Amounts such as $50 or $100, no big deal. Well, now with no other money than the unemployment check coming in, (that maximum you get is a joke) it is a big deal.

Couple that with the fact that my once unwavering trust in my ride is bit by bit diminishing and my ability to upgrade at this time is zero, makes for a really funky mood. Oh, yeah, I just discovered that the instant hot water heater under the kitchen sink is leaking – you probably will find me there.


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5 Responses to More flats and other woes

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  2. 331miles says:

    You know about “booting” the cut tire, right? You can line the tire with a folded dollar bill, a couple layers of duct tape, or buy some cheap Park Tool boots. It will keep the tube from poking through the cut, as well as keep dirt and debris from working into the cut tire and then puncturing the tube. I’ll ride a booted tire home, and sometimes a little more if I’m feeling risky!

    Sorry if I’m stating the obvious…

    • gtinla says:

      Thanks for pointing it out. I don’t think there will ever be a time to state the obvious on a blog, because it speaks to many more people beside the author.

      Sent from iPhone. Best regards, Gerhard

  3. Bryan says:

    Flats stink. Having to shell out money you really don’t need to spend is even worse. Good luck in the job hunting.

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