There is good advice to be had

To be prepared is half the victory. – Miguel De Cervantes

Today’s ride was very unusual for SoCal standards, but BikeCrave saved the day. I am not going to link you (yet) to the specific page, because Jeff is putting the whole site together as I type, and I am unsure if my preview link will stay live or not. However, you should check out Jeff’s Manifesto to get a feel for what is to come on BikeCrave.

You see, it was only last night when I surfed BikeCrave and read about the basics (getting started). Most of the basics were/are very familiar to me, but one jumped out at me.

Jeff wrote, quote:”

Wind Vest: Yes. I always carry one for late afternoon rides. It was a tip I received early on from a former racer who said temperatures can dip faster than you think. Add to that a descent at 40+ MPH. A flimsy little vest comes in handy, packs easily in rear pocket. WARNING: If you try and slip into your wind vest while rolling, you may hit the deck. How many pros have gone down while attempting what would seem to be an easy chore. And they ride more than anyone.

” end quote.

For some reason I never carried a wind vest, but reading this made perfect sense to me. I have a very light wind vest (which is also water repellent) and I folded it up this morning and stuck it into one of my rear pockets. And wouldn’t you know it! It was bright and sunny when I left home and by the time I reached Palos Verdes (some 30 miles south) the sky darkened within 10 minutes.

As the winds kicked up and the first quarter size rain drops hit the pavement, I stopped, pulled out my wind/rain breaker, snapped a few images with the iPhone and decided to call it a day and turn around. Even with the jacket the 30 miles going back were not all fun. Strong wind gusts made some relatively flat spots into small mountains and the on and off showers (of varying strengths) made for treacherous riding (the combo of beach sand and water is almost as slick as oil – not good).

But, thanks to the vest, I never got really cold and I arrived home in good spirits and with a dry upper body. We already know that I don’t have to worry about my hairdo (for those who just met me, the translation is bald).

So – here is to Jeff and to the many other bloggers who care and take the time to share their experiences online. It is up to us to take the input, and today’s ride is cut and dry (pun intended) proof, there is good advice to be had!


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  1. Jeff Bean says:

    Gerhard, what great photos! Glad the vest worked out for you. I do have a fun tip on plastic rain capes I’ll try and remember to type into “tips” in the “have” section of BikeCrave pre-launch. If not then, surely when the big rains come. 🙂

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