Looking at this with mixed feelings

“Man measures time and time measures man.” – Italian proverb

One of my indulgences pre-unemployment was the purchase of a Garmin Edge 705 (note to self: write an objective review in the near future). I love my Garmin because of the feedback it provides. I don’t race, yet the ability to look at data over time is gratifying. It is also fun to be able to share my routes with my wife (or other cyclists) in Google Earth using the fly-over feature (damn, those are some nice hills!).

Recently Garmin (and MotionBased) updated the software and Garmin Connect finally can be queried any which way you want. I just looked at some basic data for the past 30 days and was surprised at the result:

Edge 705 - May 2009 data

Edge 705 - May 2009 data

I have never ridden so many miles in one month! (duh, of course not, then I was working) Next, I was shocked to see the relative low average miles per hour, until I looked at the elevation gain (I really did some good mountain rides). I have no idea if this calorie thing is accurate or not (but, I just brought my favorite jeans to the taylor to be taken in), so there must be some truth to it. Being able to ride 20 days out of a month is such a bitter sweet luxury. As I look at this I question myself if I really put enough energy into finding a job, or if I just ride too much to escape?

Being the anal European I am, I have records of everything (not kidding) and looking over my job search efforts I feel less guilty. Unless there is a method I am not aware off I give it a 100% for at least 5 hours per day to hunt down possible opportunities.

As I grow stronger as a cyclist and as I look forward (expect) to ride on a daily basis, I also grow wary about this freedom which is based upon unemployment. As much as I love to ride whenever the mood strikes me, I often leave on these rides knowing (actually hoping) that this freedom is only temporary. Bottom line: – the priority must be a solid income for at least another 10 years to be able to retire into a comfortable life style. So, when I look at these stats, I am proud about my progress as a rider but also dissapointed about the lack thereof in my professional life – it really is a mixed bag of feelings.


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  3. 331miles says:

    As you know, our current situations have a lot of parallels. I think 5 hours a day is very, very respectable. Unless you’re just starting the job search process, it can actually be very tough to put in an “honest” 5 hours, so I think you’re doing great.

    It will pay off, and you will find something. Until then, enjoy your time on the bike!

  4. jeff says:

    It’s not always easy to do for a born worrier like myself, but I try to live one day at a time. Do the best you can at whatever you do today, the future will work itself out.

  5. MErider says:

    I hear you, GT. I struggle with the same anxiety. I love being able to take off and ride at will (or workout). I also have planned to ride by bike to the Getty and other places while I’m unemployed. But it’s never without the nagging thoughts of my being without a job, and thereby not as enjoyable as I’d like it to be. With that said, I do tell myself (and I’ll tell you) – we don’t get this opportunity much in life and spend so much of the time working. Now, the universe has traded one luxury for another. Take full advantage and enjoy since you aren’t working anyway. Do what you need to do to find a job, but don’t waste this time to enjoy either.

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