definetly worth the ride…

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Ride photos (22): Malibu Cyn and Piuma Road

I tweeted earlier that I wanted to try a new route and so I did. The ride starts at home (Brentwood) – drops to the Ocean at Castellamare, follows the coastline to Malibu, climbs Malibu Canyon to Piuma Road, continue to climb and crest the mountain ridge, drop down to Schueren Road, climb back up to Saddle Peak and return via Fernwood Canyon to Topanga Canyon.  I climb Topanga a bit because I wanted to check out TCB (see here), and then returned via the coast. 51 miles, 4000 feet – this little ride is definitely a tester and will put a smile on your face.

can't help but smile

can't help but smile

The weather was perfect for this ride. Every year around this time we experience what is called May-grey or June-gloom. It is a phenomena created by the temperature differences between the ‘valley floor’ and the coast line, seperated by the Santa Monica mountain range. The heat from the valley and the much cooler and moist air from the ocean collide around those ridges and usually build up a coastal fog layer that hangs up in the mountain tops. You will get a good sense of that when you check out the images. Temperatures for the entire ride were in the low 60’s (F)


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  2. gtinla says:

    Jeff – that was a girl, not a guy 😦 – so grabbing was not an option 🙂

  3. 331miles says:

    Nice pics. Did you try to grab the wheel of the guy that passed you? Looked fairly steep at that point…

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