What to do when you fall out of love?

If all the world’s a stage, I want to operate the trap door.
Paul Beatty

What happened to the excitement about my beloved Scattante CFR? Where is the feeling of ‘I can’t wait to mount you again?’ Why don’t I tingle in anticipation when I see you? How could I no longer be excited feeling you under me?

No, this is not the first chapter for bike porn unlimited, these are valid questions and they have been coming for some time now. It started out innocently enough when I noticed some rust at the springs of the break calipers

Next, I spotted rust on one of the lug nuts and that was followed by a rusty cable to the front derailleur. My rear cogs were shot (after a year, about 4600 miles?) I replaced (actually my LBS) the cassette with an Ultegra 6600 12-27, yet when I cleaned the bike yesterday I spot the ‘105’ mark in between the cogs (see picture)? These are some aesthetics which bother me (can’t help it), then are the ride comfort/safety issues.

During yesterday’s downhill portion of the ride I felt a weird vibration through the handle bars. I stopped, lifted the front end of the bike and spun the wheel. I could feel the vibration of the front wheel through the fork up into the bars. When I got home I took of the wheel and disassembled the hub and to me it looks like the bearings are totally shot. Again, is this normal at less than 5K miles? My bike gets a thorough cleaning and lube about once every 4 to 6 weeks, so I am baffled by the rust and bearing issues.

And next, since I have been doing a lot of riding lately and spend many hours in the saddle I find that on rides longer than 3 hours, my back and my hands start to bother me. During my previous Century rides I always chucked that up to ‘the long ride’ which I am not used too, but now, I am thinking that it is my reach which is too long.

Finally, am I just looking for excuses to get a newer, better, sexier bike or are these items listed a valid concern? Love to hear your comments.


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6 Responses to What to do when you fall out of love?

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  2. LT says:

    Not sticking ups for Performance but the “105” is a 10S as in 10 Speed).

  3. gtinla says:

    JB – thanks for the update on the 5K
    D – I also looked at new wheels and feel the same
    BL – the ‘SOI’ made me smile and you are right – thanks

    All – right now I am just dreaming about a bike fitted to me, being unemployed is not the time to spend that kind of money, but, the dreaming is nice

  4. BikeLemming says:

    Perhaps the “105” is really “SOI”? Sounds like you’ve put some good miles on that bike… Upgrading to a newer sexier bike isn’t a bad thing, my road bike is old as hell and I’ll probably never replace it, but the mountain bike gets replaced at the first whim of unhappiness…

  5. Doug says:

    LOL… I’ve felt the same way since my pothole and my 2 slightly dinged rims. Priced some new wheels but given the price of some good ones, figured it would be better to just get a whole new bike. I don’t really need one of course, but that and the fact that I seemed to have the lowest-end bike on my group ride the other day made me start thinking. Everyone seemed to be on the latest Carbon Fibre roadbike and I’d love to upgrade to something ‘sexier’.

  6. jeff bean says:

    Hi Gerhard, Sounds like it’s time for a second rig that can stand up to serious miles. I’m running DA / Mavic trainer and climbers with zero issues. On cassettes, not uncommon for those or chain to wear out in under 5k miles. Especially if you tend to ride a certain gear combo the majority of time in saddle.

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