I think I am getting stronger

If at first you don’t succeed, remove all evidence you ever tried, OR, you could just try again!

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The invitation to join a ride up Mt. Baldy on June 7, put a whole lot of activity into motion. The activities are fueled by the desire not to be stranded on the climb to Mt. Baldy and to have the confidence to be able to stay with the group.

I started my hill training a week ago on Saturday 5/16 by riding with the LA Wheelman as a guest on a training ride. I followed this ride up with two Sepulveda Pass climbs, two Saddle Peak mountain climbs and two relatively flat rides around my neighbor hood. My training log for the week shows 16,158 feet of elevation gain for the past 8 days (that really surprised me and I added it up several times).

I am really happy with today’s ride because its goal was to climb Las Flores Canyon, Schueren and Stunt road to the top of Saddle Peak mountain without stopping. Las Flores is roughly a 2400 feet climb over 5.8 miles. The ride is great – beautiful 360 degree vistas from the Pacific Ocean to Calabasas and the valley far beyond. Goal achieved: I made the climb without stopping, and what jazzed me most, was the fact that I had enough gas left to power up the last 500 yards to the mountain top.

I took a break and admired the views, ate some food, drank some fluids and enjoyed small talk with other cyclists before mounting up and heading towards Tuna Canyon, an unbelievable scenic ‘one-way-only’ downhill canyon road. Steep, rugged, remote and what a ball to ride (just make sure your brakes work).

I experienced a couple of ‘firsts’ during last week; one: I took over 5 minutes off my best time of the Playa del Rey loop (a 26 mile loop I ride regularely) and two: I climbed Las Flores without stopping – I think, I am gestting stronger – a very nice (and rewarding) feeling.

remote Tuna Canyon near Malibu, CA

remote Tuna Canyon near Malibu, CA


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3 Responses to I think I am getting stronger

  1. 331miles says:

    Love the photos. I’ve only ridden in California once, but it involved climbing similar hills. Beautiful!

  2. Doug says:

    Those are great pics of the canyon and roads. I’d love to have a chance to ride some terrain like that… although I have a feeling it would kick my ass. Looks and sounds like a lot of climbing. Great to hear that you’re feeling stronger. Next stop… L’Alpe d’Huez

  3. jeff says:

    Isn’t it amazing how if you ride more, you ride better?

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