A good day indeed

Mix equal parts of good weather, positive mindset, time and opportunity to ride, stir and sprinkle with good news!

Yeah, you say, if it just were that easy. But, occasional everything falls in place. I woke up at 5 am and could not get back to sleep, so I leashed up Shep and we walked up the canyon to Crestwood Park. We were soon joined by other early birds, both humans and dogs, and while the former had good conversations, the latter had a good work out.

Our German Shepherd


Not wanting for Shep to be the only one panting, I decided to go for a long ride (ah, the perks of unemployment!) I had a good pre ride breakfast (my favorite combo is: mix shredded wheat with fiber one cereal, add a generous helping of dried cranberries, cut up a banana and drown everything in low-fat milk), and then departed for a Palos Verdes Peninsula loop.

The sun was trying to break through the morning fog and haze right about the time I hit the beach – perfect riding weather. Once I got onto the bike path along the Pacific coast line I put my earphones in and selected a set from my cycling play list.

Speaking of playlists: if you have not checked out  Podrunner.com, you are really missing out at an incredible selection of FREE workout music. DJ Steve Boyett offers three flavors of his mixes: workout, interval workout and dance mixes. I subscribe (also FREE) to his podcast via iTunes (just do a search for Podrunner), and a new 1 hour mix is downloaded automatically every two weeks. DJ Steve Boyett ranks all his mixes by beats per minute (bpm). My library has now 42 sets, most of them are in the 135 to 150 bpm, but I have a few that are cut in the 170’s – adrenaline producing, heart racing and sometimes insane beats – FUN!!!!

While on the subject of music, I recently purchased a pair of the in-ear-headphones for my iPhone from Apple. Two things I absolutely love about them: 1) they actually fit my ear and don’t always fall out and 2) when a phone call comes in, the music is muted, a small control on the headphone cord allows to pick up the call. The cord also has a built in microphone and ohter than perhaps some panting, your caller will never be the wiser that you are cycling 🙂 – (comes in very handy when you are unemployed and have lots of resumes out but don’t want to sit at home all day waiting for the phone to ring).

Play del Rey jet way

Play del Rey jet way

And that is exactly what happened today. There is one opportunity I really am very interested in, because it fits my background, provides with the desired income and has plenty of challenge to offer (I bore easily – so the challenge part is important). When I was about 40 miles into my 60 mile ride, the phone rings and it is one of my recruiters, telling me that the door is open and that I am set with an interview for tomorrow! YES!!!

I know, its only the first interview, but I am psyched about the opportunity to meet in person, the ever important first step.

A fun time in the park with Shep, an incredible ride in great weather, uplifting news from my recruiter – A good day indeed!


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2 Responses to A good day indeed

  1. Judith says:

    I have just discovered dried cranberries…they are fantastic, I made some muffins and put them in…

    Good luck on the job market…..hope you get a good outcome…positive thinking is a huge thing!!

  2. jeff says:

    That does sound like a pretty good day; time with your dog, time on the bike, and a possible line on a job. Good luck with your interview.

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