4165 miles – what does it mean?

Having fun with math

I checked when I purchased my current bicycle on a whim today and found that it is just shy of a year old (April 8, 2008). I then looked at my original Cateye Strada cyclocomputer and the newer Garmin Edge, added the two mileage entries and sat down: 4165 miles – men, I am impressed with myself!

It really sounds like a lot – BUT – divide it into 365 days and it is a measly ~ 11 1/2 miles per day. Of course I didn’t ride every day, but my Garmin keeps track of just about anything and since I started using it, IT says that my average ride length is 27 miles. Lets just believe ‘IT’ and that means that I rode 154 days out of the year or 42% of the time. Had I ridden 50% of the time I could have logged 4927 miles. Hah!

OK – so how much time did I spent in the saddle? Garmin says that my average pace is 15.9/mph, makes 262 hours which is just shy of 11 full days. You mean I only invested 3% of my time in exercise? Not a lot – is it now? 🙂

How much time do you spend on exercise?


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