Smoked by a girl

Just when you think you are hot stuff

Last weekend I decided to ride one of my favorite 50 mile loops and use the route to incorporate some interval training.
The route from Brentwood to PV (local speak for Palos Verdes) sneaks through dense urban areas before connecting to a bike path which runs along the Pacific coast line for about 20 miles.
There are some days which almost seem to be surreal because of it’s breathtaking beauty. Blue skies, deep blue seas, palms, beach volleyball players and surfers everywhere – in other words: Southern California!

But I digress. The purpose of the ride was to easily loop through Brentwood, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey (I use city streets through these areas – easier to navigate than pedestrians and roller skaters) before hitting the path in Playa Del Rey and hitting the hammer. As I got into Hermosa Beach I noticed that I had someone on my tail and at the next red light I turned to see who the rider was. Turns out it was a tiny framed young woman. We said ‘hello’ and ‘where are you going’ and as the light turns green rode side by side for a couple of minutes. She said that at the end of the PV path there is a nice little climb and a loop around the PV peninsula and I should give that a try.

We continued riding pace line to the end of the path at which point she took lead because I did not know the route. The hill started out easy enough, but suddenly grew very steep – and that is where it happened. She got out of the saddle and danced up the incline with such ease that I doubted for a moment that we were going uphill. One turn, two turns, third bend – where did she go? Gone!! In less than half a mile – I got smoked – oh, yeah – and I never did get her name! 🙂


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  1. John Wilde says:

    I hate when that happens.

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