Hill training – anyone??

Discovering some neat climbs right in my own backyard

Yeah – I picked up my bike from my LBS and had to take it out for a spin. Since I had to change out the cassette, I switched from the 11/23 to a 12/27 and wanted to experience the difference on hills. I spent some time yesterday exploring my neighborhood on Google Maps (cheaper than riding around in a car) and discovered a nice challenging route, which leaves my door steps and climbs 3 canyons – how cool is that?

Well it is cool until you hit Hanley Drive – holy-moly, talk aobout jumping on your pedals right out of the gate. The 27 ring came in really handy rather quickly – why did I not do that much earlier? The climbing is so much easer, but don’t get me wrong. When you are in your teens or twenties you don’t care about the relieve a 12/27 cassette can bring to your knees. AND – even with the 12/27 cassette the bike won’t go up the hill without some serious effort in those steep climbs. This little loop is 10.78 miles with 1387 feet of climbing.

Woohooo – so here we go! Right out of the shoot it is uphill and the first 2 miles will get you 600 feet higher (almost 50% of the climbs in the first two miles). The ride down hill helped my screaming muscles relax a bit, but just when the  downhill really got fun, another 200 feet climb within a quarter of a mile – ouch!!
Coasting down towards the next canyon gives good recovery time but mile 5 1/2 has you going uphill again. However, this canyon is a slow and gradual climb, a bit over 500 feet but nicely spaced out over more than 2 1/2 miles – almost feels nice, almost! 🙂

In any case, glad I have my bike back and very happy to see that my decision to change the cassette was a good one. Plus, this route will become a regular on my weekly rides, as it should help me become a better climber.

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